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ASC Update for October 5, 2020

The Woodburn After School Club will be providing online programming starting on Oct 26 from 3PM on. We will be providing five-day-a-week programming, including:

  • Monday: Spark
  • Tuesday: Art
  • Wednesday: STEM
  • Thursday: Leadership/Civics
  • There will be no programming on Fridays.

In addition, homework help/tutoring will be available daily, either drop-in on Zoom or by appointment. Supply packets, snacks and dinners will be provided and dropped off twice a week on Mondays and Thursdays beginning Oct 22.

Families can register by calling or texting the After School Club office at 503–308–9272. There is a fee to participate, but we have generous and easy-to-access scholarships and discounts ensuring all students can participate regardless of situation.


Q: How much does the program cost?

A: Most Woodburn families will pay nothing, as scholarships are available and easy to access. Full price from now until December is $250.

Q: How to I get a scholarship?

A: You will be asked during registration if you have suffered any financial setbacks due to COVID-19 this year. If you answer yes, we will automatically apply the standard scholarship (50% off, or $125). A full 100% scholarship is also available upon request. No special documentation is required this term.

Q: Is this program online or in person?

A: The program is 100% online except for our delivery of supply/snack/supper packets, which will be doorstop delivery, twice a week, on Mondays and Thursday.

Q: What is “drop-in” homework help?

A: ASC members will receive links for Zoom homework rooms, which will be open each afternoon we have session for Drop-in help. During those open hours for homework they can just “Drop-In” (via Zoom). They can also schedule a time for help 1-to-1, also via Zoom!

Q: I heard you have a new office?

A: Yes! We are back in our “old” home, the modular in front of FPMS by HWY-214. It’s the one closest to the parking lot. We ask visitors schedule an appointment before visiting so we can accommodate social distancing requirements.

Q: Will ASC offer any kind of “in-person” care?

A: ASC loves kids! So as soon as we are able to do so, we would like to do exactly that! Hopefully things will progress soon so we can open up to more traditional After School Club offerings! But for right now, everything is online.

Q: Will there be a FamU this year?

A: Yes! Although it will look and be very different. More details on that coming soon!


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ASC Update for September 4, 2020

Greetings Families

We hope you are all healthy and well. The After School Club has been patiently awaiting guidance from the Oregon Department of Education. This is crucial, as this guidance mandates our options and therefore necessarily our programming. On Thursday we finally received that much-anticipated guidance from ODE.

Unfortunately, having received that guidance in September, it makes any kind of early start to our program impossible to achieve. Additionally, the guidance had some unforeseen restrictions with which we must now make additional allowances. That said, our goal is to provide as great a program as we can, given the restrictions.

Now that we have this information in hand, we can begin working to develop a program. We are hopeful that this program will satisfy the needs of our families, while ensuring that it adheres to the restrictions of ODE and works within the various contexts of the Woodburn Community.

To that end, we ask all of our families to please complete this survey:

Thank you for your patience as we work to meet our various requirements and plan a great program for you.

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ASC Programming during the Closure

The Woodburn After School Club has been hard at work developing new distance enrichment programming for ASC members. This has all been new to us, but we have been studying best practices and working very hard to develop a great program. We think we have accomplished that goal.

The Woodburn ASC Distance Enrichment Program takes a two-prong approach to providing opportunities for students:

Enrichment Packets

Paper packets are distributed every Friday from Noon to 5:30PM at 1390 Meridian Drive in Woodburn.

Online Enrichment

ASC is using Google Classroom to deliver online content to students.

Content Areas

Both programs cover the approximately same content each week. Packets include some of the materials needed for the program, while the online forums allow interactivity with staff and other students. Optimally, students should both collect a packet and participate online for the best enrichment experience.

ASC is providing enrichment in the following content areas:

  • Art (including language arts and music)
  • STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Math)
  • SPARK (Physical activity and Nutrition)
  • Middle School
  • Leadership

Distance Enrichment is available free of charge to enrolled ASC members during until June 30. Complimentary enrollment is available through June 30 for Distance Enrichment for all WSD Families.

The only requirement is that we must be able to track participation for grant requirements so we will be asking for families to let us know occasionally how they like the packets and if they are being used.

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ASC Fees Cancelled/Refunded

With the closure of all Oregon schools by mandate of Governor Brown, the Woodburn After School Club was also required to close. Initially, we were told this closure would be temporary, however the Governor decided later to extend that closure through the end of the year.

Therefore, the WASC has already taken steps to cancel all current future payments and charges in Cayen and in CardPointe through June. Families should not receive any other charges to their account for this year.

Additionally, if you have funds left in your account, you will receive an email with a link for your to determine how you would like ASC to dispose of those funds. There will be three options:

1. Request a refund. ASC will issue you a check. Please allow 30 days for that refund to process.

2. Donate the funds to a student in need.

3. Leave the funds in your account and plan to use it for future programs.

Please note: leaving funds in your account does not guarantee a spot in future programs. Admission to all programs is governed by our admission policy.

Please contact us at or call/text 503-308-9272 if you have questions.